Well hey!  My name is Katie and I kinda have an obsession for ALL things fabric.. Like, I'd rather spend oodles of money on fabulous fabrics to just look at rather than on clothes or important things. But thats where you win!  You see, I have turned my obsession into making fabulous pillows.. for you!  Each pillow is hand-crafted by me and did I mention that I fully believe that every pillow should be equally fabulous on BOTH sides?  Ya! You heard me!  None of that one sided business... All my pillows have fabulous fabrics on both sides of the pillow, that way when one of your beloved kids, significant other or fur baby decided to muck up one side, you are NOT out of luck.. just flip that bad boy over and boom!  Let the fabulousness continue!

When I am not pumping out totally awesome pillows I am making custom fitted slipcovers for my local clients.. remember.. obsessed with fabric...  I have 2 fantastic kids, who I swear are growing by the minute and an even more fantastic husband who supports my addiction.